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Freytag, V. Carrillo-Roa, T. Milnik, A. Sämann, P G. Vukojevic, V. Coynel, D. Demougin, P. Egli, T. Gschwind, L. Jessen, F. Loos, E. Maier, W. Riedel-Heller, S G. Scherer, M. Vogler, C. Wagner, M. Binder, E B. de Quervain, D J-F. & Papassotiropoulos, A. (2017). A peripheral epigenetic signature of immune system genes is linked to neocortical thickness and memory. Nature communications, 8, S. 15193.
Heck, A. Milnik, A. Vukojevic, V. Petrovska, J. Egli, T. Singer, J. Escobar, P. Sengstag, T. Coynel, D. Freytag, V. Fastenrath, M. Demougin, P. Loos, E. Hartmann, F. Schicktanz, N. Delarue Bizzini, B. Vogler, C. Kolassa, I-T. Wilker, S. Elbert, T. Schwede, T. Beisel, C. Beerenwinkel, N. de Quervain, D J-F. & Papassotiropoulos, A. (2017). Exome sequencing of healthy phenotypic extremes links TROVE2 to emotional memory and PTSD. Nature Human Behaviour, 1, S. 0081.
Petrovska, J. Coynel, D. Fastenrath, M. Milnik, A. Auschra, B. Egli, T. Gschwind, L. Hartmann, F. Loos, E. Sifalakis, K. Vogler, C. de Quervain, D J-F. Papassotiropoulos, A., & Heck, A. (2017). The NCAM1 gene set is linked to depressive symptoms and their brain structural correlates in healthy individuals. Journal of psychiatric research, 91, S. 116-123.
Spalek, K. Coynel, D. Freytag, V. Hartmann, F. Heck, A. Milnik, A. de Quervain, D. & Papassotiropoulos, A. (2016). A common NTRK2 variant is associated with emotional arousal and brain white-matter integrity in healthy young subjects. Translational psychiatry, 6, S. e758.
Hecker, T. Radtke, K M. Hermenau, K. Papassotiropoulos, A., & Elbert, T. (2016). Associations among child abuse, mental health, and epigenetic modifications in the proopiomelanocortin gene (POMC): A study with children in Tanzania. Development and psychopathology, 28, S. 1401-1412. edoc
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Jukić, M M. Opel, N. Ström, J. & Carrillo-Roa, T. (2016). Elevated CYP2C19 expression is associated with depressive symptoms and hippocampal homeostasis impairment. Molecular psychiatry, S. doi: 10.1038/mp.2016.204.
Harrisberger, F. Smieskova, R. Vogler, C. Egli, T. Schmidt, A. Lenz, C. Simon, A E. Riecher-Rössler, A. Papassotiropoulos, A. & Borgwardt, S. (2016). Impact of polygenic schizophrenia-related risk and hippocampal volumes on the onset of psychosis. Translational psychiatry, 6, S. e868.
Luksys, G.Fastenrath, M.Coynel, D.Freytag, V.Gschwind, L.Heck, A., Jessen, F. Maier, W. Milnik, A., Riedel-Heller, S G. Scherer, M. Spalek, K.Vogler, C., Wagner, M. Wolfsgruber, S. Papassotiropoulos, A., & de Quervain, D J-F. (2015). Computational dissection of human episodic memory reveals mental process-specific genetic profiles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112, S. E4939-48.
Schicktanz, N.Fastenrath, M.Milnik, A., Spalek, K. Auschra, B., Nyffeler, T. Papassotiropoulos, A., de Quervain, D J-F. & Schwegler, K. (2015). Continuous theta burst stimulation over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex decreases medium load working memory performance in healthy humans. PLoS one, 10, S. e0120640. edoc

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