Dr. Bettina von Helversen


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Institut für Psychologie
Missionsstrasse 62a
4055 Basel


research scientist

Economic Psychology

Aktuelle Publikationen

Scholz, A. von Helversen, B., & Rieskamp, J. (2015). Eye movements reveal memory processes during similarity- and rule-based decision making. Cognition, 136, S. 228-46.
Mata, R., & von Helversen, B. (2015). Search and the aging mind: The promise and limits of the cognitive control hypothesis of age differences in search. Topics in Cognitive Science, 7, S. 416-427.
Scheibehenne, B., & von Helversen, B. (2015). Selecting decision strategies : The differential role of affect. Cognition & Emotion, 29, S. 158-67.
Shevchenko, Y. von Helversen, B., & Scheibehenne, B. (2014). Change and status quo in decisions with defaults : The effect of incidental emotions depends on the type of default. Judgment and Decision making, 9, S. 287-296.
Scheibehenne, B.von Helversen, B., & Rieskamp, J. (2014). Different strategies for evaluating consumer products : Attribute- and exemplar-based approaches compared. Journal of economic psychology, 46, S. 39-50.
von Helversen, B., Herzog, S M. & Rieskamp, J. (2014). Haunted by a doppelgänger : Irrelevant facial similarity affects rule-based judgments. Experimental Psychology, 61, S. 12-22.
von Helversen, B., Karlsson, L. Rasch, B. & Rieskamp, J. (2014). Neural substrates of similarity and rule-based strategies in judgment. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8, S. 809.
Hoffmann, J A. von Helversen, B., & Rieskamp, J. (2014). Pillars of judgment : How memory abilities affect performance in rule-based and exemplar-based judgments. Journal of experimental psychology. General, 143, S. 2242-61.
von Helversen, B., Schooler, L J. & Czienskowski, U. (2013). Are stripes beneficial? Dazzle camouflage influences perceived speed and hit rates. PloS one, 8, S. e61173.
Herzog, S M. & von Helversen, B. (2013). Blending and choosing within one mind : should judgments be based on exemplars, rules or both?. In Knauff, M. Pauen, M. Sebanz, N. & Wachsmuth, I. (Eds.), Cooperative minds : proceedings of the 35th annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. S. 2536-2541). Berlin: Cognitive Science Society.

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