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Molekulare Psychologie

Aktuelle Publikationen

Spalek, K. Coynel, D. Freytag, V. Hartmann, F. Heck, A. Milnik, A. de Quervain, D. & Papassotiropoulos, A. (2016). A common NTRK2 variant is associated with emotional arousal and brain white-matter integrity in healthy young subjects. Translational psychiatry, 6, S. e758.
Hecker, T. Radtke, K M. Hermenau, K. Papassotiropoulos, A., & Elbert, T. (2016). Associations among child abuse, mental health, and epigenetic modifications in the proopiomelanocortin gene (POMC): A study with children in Tanzania. Development and psychopathology, 28, S. 1401-1412. edoc
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