M.Sc. Marin Puskaric


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Büro HH 220
Institut für Psychologie
Missionsstrasse 62a
4055 Basel


Social influence on decisions-from-experience is the focus of my PhD. project: A good deal of human decision-making takes place in a social enviroment, where people have the opportunity to observe decisions of their peers. Current research on decisions-from-experience however focues on individual decisions, disregarding the fact that human decisionmaking very rarely happens in isolation.

The goal of my PhD. project is to close that gap in decision-making research and illuminate the underling processes of social influence on an computational as well as neuronal level.


Research Interests

  • Social Influence on Decisions
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Methods & Statistics
  • Machine Learning


Marin Puskaric's bibliography