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Büro 02.013 (Mis64a)
Fakultät für Psychologie
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Abteilung für Sozialpsychologie 


Aktuelle Publikationen

Rudert, S C. Reutner, L.Greifeneder, R., & Walker, M. (2017). Faced with exclusion: Perceived facial warmth and competence influence moral judgments of social exclusion. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 68, S. 101-112. edoc
Keller, M D. Reutner, L.Walker, M., & Greifeneder, R. (2017). Sexualized but not objectified - When do women react negatively towards sexualized advertisements. Advances in consumer research, 44, S. 741. URL
Reutner, L., Walker, M. & Greifeneder, R. (2016). Money and me: Thoughts of money change individuals' self-view. In Moreau, P. & Puntoni, S. (Eds.), NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 44. (= 44). Berlin: Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research,.
Rudert, S C. Reutner, L.Walker, M., & Greifeneder, R. (2015). An unscathed past in the face of death : Mortality salience reduces individuals' regrets. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 58, S. 34-41. edoc
Reutner, L., Genschow, O. & Waenke, M. (2015). The adaptive eater : Perceived healthiness moderates the effect of the color red on consumption. Food Quality and Preference, 44, S. 172-178. edoc
Reutner, L., Hansen, J. & Greifeneder, R. (2015). The cold heart : Reminders of money cause feelings of physical coldness. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6, S. 490-495. edoc (Open Access)
Reutner, L., & Waenke, M. (2013). For my own benefit or for the benefit of others : Reminders of money moderate the effects of self-related versus other-related persuasive arguments. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 4, S. 220-223. edoc (Open Access)
Genschow, O. Reutner, L., & Wänke, M. (2012). The color red reduces snack food and soft drink intake. Appetite : eating and drinking, 58, S. 699-702. edoc (Open Access)
Wänke, M. & Reutner, L. (2011). Direction-of-comparison effects : how and why comparing apples with oranges is different from comparing oranges with apples. In Keren, G. (Eds.), Perspectives on Framing (pp. S. 177-194). (= The Society for Judgment and Decision Making Series). New York: Psychology Press. edoc
Wänke, M. Reutner, L., & Gerd Bohner (2011). Einstellung und Verhalten. In Bierhoff, H-W. & Frey Dieter (Eds.), Sozialpsychologie - Individuum und soziale Welt (pp. S. 211-232). (= Bachelorstudium Psychologie). Göttingen: Hogrefe. edoc

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