Prof. Dr. Jörg Rieskamp


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Büro HH 02.010
Fakultät für Psychologie
Missionsstrasse 62a
4055 Basel

Aktuelle Publikationen

Gluth, S., Hotaling, J M. & Rieskamp, J. (2017). The attraction effect modulates reward prediction errors and intertemporal choices. Journal of Neuroscience, 37, S. 371-382.
Dutilh, G. & Rieskamp, J. (2016). Comparing perceptual and preferential decision making. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23, S. 723-37.
Puskaric, M.von Helversen, B., & Rieskamp, J. (2016). How social and non-social information influence classification decisions: A computational modelling approach. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, S. 1-19.
Wichary, S. (2016). Probabilistic Inferences Under Emotional Stress: How Arousal Affects Decision Processes. Journal of Behaviroal Decision Making, 29, S. 525-538.
Hoffmann, J A. von Helversen, B. & Rieskamp, J. (2016). Similar task features shape judgment and categorization processes. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 42, S. 1193-217.
Schöbel, M. Rieskamp, J. & Huber, R. (2016). Social Influences in Sequential Decision Making. PloS one, 11, S. 1-23.
Schöbel, M.Rieskamp, J., & Huber, R. (2016). Social Influences in Sequential Decision Making. PloS one, 11, S. e0146536.
Gluth, S., & Rieskamp, J. (2016). Variability in behavior that cognitive models do not explain can be linked to neuroimaging data. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, S. Epub ahead of print.
Berkowitsch, N A J. Scheibehenne, B. Rieskamp, J., & Matthäus, M. (2015). A generalized distance function for preferential choices. The British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 68, S. 310-25.
Andraszewicz, S. Scheibehenne, B. Rieskamp, J., Grasman, R. Verhagen, J. & Wagenmakers, E J. (2015). An introduction to Bayesian hypothesis testing for management research. Journal of Management, 41, S. 521-543.

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